Hot and Cold Fork Buffet

Cold Fork Buffet Menu

This price includes the cold fork buffet menu and dessert of your choice. To make your own Fork buffet please choose 3 main dishes plus 4 salad dishes from the salad bar and 3 choices of dessert. Baskets of Artisan Breads are included.

(please note that tea, coffee and a starter can be added to this menu)

Cold Meat Platter
Charcuterie Platter
Hand Raised Pies
Homemade Quiches
Seafood Platter
Coronation Chicken

Hot Running Buffet Menu

Plus a choice of 3 desserts from the dessert Trolley.

(please note that tea coffee and starter can be added to this menu)

(All served with rice and french bread.)

Choice of four salad dishes

Children’s Menu

Main Course

Desserts for Hot/Cold Fork Buffet

(*The following are included in the menus*)